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Take care of your hair condition while exercising, these 3 styles you can apply


The condition of hair health is an important thing for you to pay attention to. This includes when you are doing sports.

For women, especially those with long hair, exercising can usually make their hair limp. In addition, it is also important to keep it neat so that it does not block the view when you are exercising.

One of the hairstyles that women usually use when exercising is to tie it in a ponytail. Unfortunately, a ponytail that is too tight can lead to headaches or hair loss.

Pulling the hair too tight can cause the hair roots to become pulled. Over time, this pulling can lead to permanent hair loss which can lead to baldness.

Another thing that may also arise as a result of this exercise is itching on the scalp and broken hair. The length of time a hairstyle is used and the movements during exercise cause a pull on the hair, especially when it is in a ponytail.

The accumulation of sweat in the hair, especially when it is spread out while exercising, is certainly not ideal. Reporting from Livestrong, here are a number of hairstyles that are suitable to be applied during exercise.

“Your hair needs to be able to move over the scalp so it doesn’t pull out,” says skin health expert Karan Lal.

Hair restoration expert, Jigar Sitapara, MD states that salt from sweat can cause dry conditions on the scalp and remove moisture. This is experienced by all hair types during exercise.

A number of the right hairstyles are important to apply when you exercise so that this impact is not too severe. Reporting from Livestrong, here are a number of hairstyles that can be applied during exercise.

1. Using a Headband

“Headbands made of satin or silk are ideal for absorbing moisture,” explained dr. Sitapara.

“Cotton can make the ends of the hair and scalp too dry,” he continued.

Dr. Lal advises patients to use a soft headband with a textured material before covering it with a silk scarf. The use of a headband when exercising is important to absorb sweat and reduce dry hair and breakage.

2. Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles can make hair stay organized and maintained at the back of the head. This model is guaranteed not to bother you with messy hair during exercise.

Just make sure not to tie your hair too tightly.

“Pull the hair up or back without pulling it excessively,” explained dr. Lal.

3. Braided

Braiding your hair or using cornrows can help keep your hair from falling and sticking to your neck. This can certainly be very helpful in preventing further hair problems.

Just don’t use this hairstyle for too long. The friction caused by this hairstyle can cause permanent scars on the scalp that are difficult to treat.

dr. Lal suggested using a slightly loose braid. Also, avoid using this hairstyle for too long.

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