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Too much sitting all day, here’s how to keep your stomach flat


It’s no secret that sitting too much can trigger various health conditions. One of them is a distended stomach which certainly makes the appearance less good. How come? When the body sits for a long time, the metabolism slows down. This causes the accumulation of fat around the waist and abdomen which causes the stomach to become distended.

If your daily activities require you to sit more for long periods of time, these are some tricks you can do to keep your stomach flat. What the hell?

Reduce Sweet Snacks

If you want to keep your stomach flat when you sit too much, the first thing to do is reduce your consumption of sugary snacks. Snacks with high sugar content are one of the factors that cause a distended stomach. Therefore, reducing this one snack when working behind a desk is the key to the desired flat stomach.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

Doing activities from 9 to 5 is clearly draining. No wonder some of you need snacks that can add energy as well as be a mood booster when you have to move all day.

For those who are active behind the desk, don’t forget to choose the right snacks to keep your stomach flat. For example, by preparing snacks such as nuts that are rich in fiber but low in calories or fresh fruit. That way you can still control your eating patterns even though you are active behind the desk.

Consumption of Infused Water

While working behind a desk, be sure to also keep yourself hydrated. This is important because one of the signs of dehydration can also be identified as hunger by the body. So, pay attention to your daily water intake.

If you are bored with the taste of plain water, infused water can be the right choice. Besides being able to keep the body hydrated, the combination of water, potassium from fruit or vegetables can help eliminate the cause of bloating from the digestive system. One of them is salt.

Get in the habit of taking a short walk every 20 minutes

Do not just sit there because it will inhibit the metabolism in the body. So, if you are one of those who work behind a desk, usually take a short walk and do other movements every 20 minutes.

For example, by stretching, taking a drink at the dispenser, or taking a short walk. Every time you do small activities, the body releases enough calories to help keep your stomach flat. So that you don’t forget it, you can always set an alarm on your smartphone every 20 minutes that can remind you to walk.

Sitting too much can potentially make a distended stomach. However, that does not mean that nothing can be done to prevent this. Take a few steps above to help you maintain your appearance!

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