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Tips for Parents to Prepare Children so They’re Not Afraid of Circumcision


For boys, especially those who are Muslim, circumcision is one of the things that must be done before adolescence. Unfortunately, there are still many children who are afraid to be circumcised.

The task of parents is to prepare their children to be mentally ready to undergo procedures that are related to religion but also have health benefits.

“It is very important to prepare so that children are not afraid of being circumcised,” said the Neurosurgeon Specialist from the Association of Neurosurgeon Specialists and founder of Rumah Circumcision, dr. Mahdian, dr. Mahdian Nur Nasution, Sp.BS in Jakarta some time reported from Antara.

Mahdian, who has 31 branches of circumcision clinics in various cities, said that Indonesia and Malaysia have similarities regarding the appropriate age for circumcising children, which is before puberty between 5 and 13 years. This is different from what happens in Western countries, where the circumcision process is usually done as a baby or even as an adult when someone does it for health reasons.

“In Indonesia, before kindergarten and elementary school, we need to educate children and ensure that circumcision is beneficial, does not hurt, so that children are mentally prepared,” said Mahdian.

He invites parents to give a comprehensive explanation in a fun way, including what procedures will be carried out and possible side effects, such as a little pain from the circumcision wound. Children also have to understand about the care that must be followed after circumcision.

Advances in Circumcision Technology

Make the children understand that circumcision or circumcision is a beneficial thing for him so that later the baby wants to do it on his own consciousness.

“Now there is a lot of information on circumcision on social media, parents can choose circumcision educational videos to know the process,” said Mahdian.

On the other hand, the technology of the circumcision method has become more sophisticated so that children can undergo the process more comfortably, in contrast to past standards where circumcision is synonymous with pain and a scary specter.

Circumcision Clinic dr. Mahdian introduced the technology of circumcision or circumcision with the laser method, the process took three minutes. This laser circumcision method, which is claimed to be the first in Indonesia, uses Optical Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MASER) technology from Germany.

With an action time of less than three minutes, without stitches, bleeding is relatively minimal to almost no bleeding, circumcision with the laser method is said to be painless and the healing process is faster.

In the past, the average boy was circumcised during school holidays because the recovery process could take days. The latest technology makes children who are circumcised can move normally faster.

“No need for stitches, circumcision can now be done without waiting for a holiday because recovery is faster,” he said.

Even so, he also reminded that newly circumcised children must maintain cleanliness and avoid excessive physical activity. This is important so that their wounds heal quickly and prevent collisions.

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