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Prevent Obesity During Pregnancy and After Childbirth with These Several Ways


Pregnancy is a process that can affect various things. In women, this can be very influential on a mother and the child she is carrying.

One of the effects that can be experienced by mothers during pregnancy is changes in body weight. Obesity is a common condition in pregnant women.

When pregnant, a person will experience hormonal changes and the condition of the baby being conceived causes the mother to eat more and is prone to obesity. There are a number of ways that are important to know and can be done by pregnant women to overcome this obesity problem.

To keep yourself from getting obese, pregnant women need to monitor during pregnancy and after giving birth. Reporting from Easy Fit, here are a number of things that pregnant women need to pay attention to to prevent obesity.

During Pregnancy

– During pregnancy, make sure you meet the nutritional needs for yourself and the baby appropriately.

– Limit the amount of exercise and do not do activities that are too strenuous.

– Make sure the body remains active. A study says that pregnant women who are active will have healthy children.

– Avoid unhealthy snacks and choose snacks with high fiber content.

After Childbirth

– Although after giving birth the mother will gain weight, do not take weight loss pills.

– Do a healthy diet while paying attention to the daily nutritional intake that is important for yourself and your baby.
– Do not be lazy to breastfeed the baby. Breastfeeding a baby can burn up to 500 calories in the body.

Keeping yourself from the risk of obesity can have a tremendous impact on the health of both mother and baby. Therefore, make sure your body weight remains ideal and avoid gaining weight.

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