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Get to know the 3 types of soles and the most suitable type of shoes to use


Feet are the most important part of our body in daily physical activity. Feet are important to support the body and help our daily mobility in activities.

Normally, every day our feet will take thousands of steps. The occurrence of good steps in walking and running that we do can put a stronger burden on the legs.

This load can be very concentrated on the soles of our feet because they are the lowest part of the body. This can cause problems if we do not use the right footwear, shoes or sandals.

Choosing the right shoes can go a long way in preventing further foot problems. Choosing the right shoes can be done first by knowing the shape of the soles of the feet that we have.

In general, there are three types of foot shapes that are important for you to know. Reporting from letsgetfit, here are a number of foot shapes and the right types of shoes to use.

1. Flat Feet (Pronation)

In this foot shape, the arch in the middle of the foot tends to be flat. The shape of the foot like this can put greater pressure on the deep foot structures.

In owners of this type of foot, the use of ordinary shoes can make the shape slightly bent inward. Owners of this foot shape are prone to metatarsal problems, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patellar pain, and back pain.

The Right Type of Shoes: Choose motion control shoes that are made to support heavy loads and flat feet. These shoes tend to be heavier and less flexible, which helps stabilize the foot.

2. High Arched Leg (Supinator)

The supinator type or high arched foot is a foot condition with a high middle arch. This shape of the foot tends to make the sole of the foot less flexible with the load resting on the outside of the foot.

In someone with this foot shape, the outer sole of the foot tends to wear off more quickly. Problems that arise in the owner of this foot shape are stress fractures of the tibia or femur, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

The Right Type of Shoe: Owners of this type of foot need to use shoes with cushioning that can absorb shocks. Shoe types with shock absorption can also reduce the impact that can appear on the upper body.

3. Neutral Leg Shape

This foot shape is the most ideal foot shape for strutrus feet. In this foot shape, the weight of a person’s body can be evenly distributed on the soles of the feet.

The neutral foot shape can give one proper natural shock absorption as well as better stability. Owners of this foot shape tend to also have fewer calluses on the soles of the feet.

The Right Type of Shoe: Owners of this type of foot can benefit from this type of stability shoe. This type of shoe is the most appropriate to protect the soles of the feet of the owner of this foot shape.

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