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5 Haram sports to do when you are over 50 years old


Sport is one of the right ways to maintain health. This method should be done by a person regardless he is at any age.

However, there are certain limitations and there are things that must be considered when exercising depending on one’s condition. One thing that is important to note is related to age.

A person’s age is a factor that cannot be ruled out when exercising. This can greatly affect the type of exercise performed and its intensity.

In addition, there are a number of sports that should be avoided when you are at a certain age. Reporting from Boldsky, here are a number of sports that you should avoid when you are over 50 years old.

Leg Press

When you suffer from arthritis or other joint health problems, you should avoid this leg press exercise. This exercise can put unnecessary stress on the knee and can also affect the ligaments and tendons around the knee joint.


Deadlift is one of the high-intensity sports that can pose a risk of knee injury, especially when you are over 50 years old. As you get older, your muscles lose strength and this can lead to spinal cord injury.

Bench Press


Doing squats can involve a variety of joints, causing knee pain or injury. When you have osteoarthritis, an injury, or trauma to your knee, you should especially avoid this sport.

Bench Press

This type of lifting can cause injury to the shoulders, joints, and pectoral muscles. With age, joints become weak to pressure and weight, so the risk of injury also increases.

Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown is an exercise that involves a number of joints and muscles simultaneously. This type of exercise makes you pull the weight behind your back, placing a lot of stress on the joints in your shoulders and making them more prone to injury.

When the age is over the age of 50 years, you should avoid various sports and strenuous exercise. Do sports that are not too strenuous such as walking, running, cycling, or jogging to maintain health.

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