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Rows of Special Tumpeng in Blitar to Complete Various Thanksgiving Moments


The thanksgiving event is part of the culture of the Indonesian people. This moment is present in order to be grateful for various things that happen in life, ranging from birthdays, housewarming traditions, wedding celebrations, the birth of children, and much more. This activity itself is usually filled with recitations that invite neighbors and other closest people.

Talking about the moment of thanksgiving, it’s incomplete if you don’t present one of the mandatory menus, namely tumpeng. This one food is indeed considered to have a philosophical meaning, namely a form of gratitude to God Almighty.

For those who want to prepare a thanksgiving event, you don’t have to cook yourself. There are also many sellers who present special tumpeng dishes that you can pre-order directly. For those in Blitar and its surroundings, here are the recommendations.

Tumpeng Lalapan

For those who want to hold a simple thanksgiving celebration for their own family at home, a simple tumpeng dish can be the right choice to complete the moment. For example, the Tumpeng Lalapan creation that comes from Bu Novi Ayam Bakar Blitar is guaranteed to fit on the tongue.

This dish is a white rice cone filled with fresh vegetables. Even though it looks simple, it fits perfectly on the tongue. The choice of side dishes can also be adjusted on request. Definitely brings a taste that is hard to resist!

Birthday Tumpeng

Celebrating a family member’s birthday is not only to make the atmosphere more festive, but also a form of gratitude as we get older. In addition, the moments of togetherness that are created can also be beautiful memories.

To complete the festive celebration at home, Birthday Tumpeng from Cakea could be the choice. The seller, who is known as a birthday cake specialist in Blitar, presents a special yellow rice cone dish with fillings that can be adjusted to request and budget.

Mini Tumpeng

Tumpeng rice is synonymous with large portions that can be enjoyed together. But, for those who want to give delivery to family or neighbors, mini cones can be an option. The filling can also be adjusted according to taste.

Just pre-order Mini Tumpeng from Premium Fruit Salad Blitar . Packaged in a beautiful mica, this one menu is really suitable to be a gift for neighbors to beautiful gifts for the family. Pre-order now, come on!

Those were the various special tumpeng dishes in Blitar that could accompany the celebration that was being held. To place an order, you don’t need to be complicated, just pre-order via SweetandSedap.com.

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