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Favorites for Jakartans, These 3 Menus Have a Spicy and Delicious Taste


Talking about everyone’s favorite menu is very subjective. In fact, everyone has different tastes. However, when there are foods with spicy and delicious flavors that blend perfectly, it’s hard for some people not to like them.

The character of this taste is also very popular with some people in Jakarta . Because, with a delicious spicy and delicious taste, the taste is not only able to shake the tongue alone, but the food is also able to satisfy the desire to eat.

Those menus can be found from Dyong’s Kitchen. With a delicacy that is so authentic, because it is made from premium ingredients and spices from natural spices, the menus made by Dapur Dyong are so appetizing that they make you addicted when you eat them. There anything?

Rica Shredded Chicken

The first mainstay of Dapur Dyong’s menu, which is often favored by Jakarta residents, is shredded chicken. The chicken is chosen with lots of meat or fat, healthy, and not too old.

The chicken is then hygienically processed, then cooked with a variety of natural spices. With the right cooking process, the rica seasoning is perfectly absorbed in the shredded chicken that has been fried beforehand.

When eaten with rice that is so delicious, the enjoyment of this shredded chicken is truly incomparable. The delicious and spicy taste blends perfectly, so that anyone who eats it can add rice many times.

Salted Squid Pete Chili Ijo

Dyong’s kitchen also has another menu that is incredibly delicious. The menu is none other than the salted squid petai chili green. All raw materials are selected that are still fresh, including squid, petai, green chilies and other spices.

The squid is processed very well, so it is free of fishy smell. Likewise with the petai, cooked with natural spices that are blended naturally. All cooked together with a delicious spicy taste that is steady.

The deliciousness of the salted squid Pete Chili Ijo is also very suitable for the tastes of the people of Jakarta, so it is very suitable when used as a side dish. Serve with a plate of hot rice, it will create a sense of satisfaction when eating it.

Bakmoy Rice

Dyong’s kitchen also has other menus that are often hunted by customers. The menu is Nasi Bakmoy. This one menu is made from pure and quality beef, so it is guaranteed to be halal.

Beef and silken tofu, which are the main ingredients, are cooked with delicious soy sauce. In the dish, also added boiled egg soy sauce. The rice is then doused with beef broth that is so tasty.

As a complement, topped with lime, chili sauce, sliced ​​celery leaves and fried onions. This complete package is guaranteed to make Jakartans satisfied from the first bite.

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