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These 3 delicious snacks are delicious to eat while cleaning up busy work in Jakarta


Busy work is something that cannot be avoided. Moreover, lately activities have returned to normal, so work is carried out more in the office.

It is true that working in this office feels more enthusiastic, because you can interact with colleagues again. However, it also demands work quickly, in order to be able to go home on time.

To keep your body energized, don’t forget to balance it with appetizing snacks, such as the menus made by Dyong’s Kitchen. The snack creations are so authentic, because they are made from premium ingredients that are natural and hygienic.

It’s no wonder that this series of delicious snacks made by Dapur Dyong is often hunted by Jakarta residents . There anything?

Beef Burger

The first snack menu that is often favored by customers from the culinary stall owned by Dapur Dyong is beef burger. The specialty of this dish is that it is all homemade.

From the buns used, the mayo sauce, to the caramelized onions used, all of them are handmade by Dapur Dyong. Likewise with the beef patty used, Dapur Dyong also mixes it yourself with natural spices.

This is what makes the beef burger made by Dapur Dyong so authentic in taste. The natural delicious taste is felt in every bite, and it doesn’t make you feel bad because it doesn’t use artificial preservatives or flavorings.

Shrimp Fried Chicken Meatballs

No less delicious, Kitchen Dyong also has fried chicken and shrimp meatballs. This snack has a unique texture, where the outside looks so crunchy, but when you bite it, the inside is hollow.

However, don’t be surprised when you devour it. Because, the taste is so delicious. Not from artificial seasoning, but from a mixture of real chicken and shrimp used.

Dyong’s kitchen processes it with its own concoction of spices, so the quality of the taste makes you addicted. The enjoyment of the fried chicken and shrimp meatballs is even more complete with the typical sweet, sour, and spicy Kitchen Dyong sauce.

Cheese Stick Roll

Another delicious and savory snack made by Dapur Dyong is the cheese stick roll. This dish is perfect for cheese lovers. Moreover, Dapur Dyong actually uses premium cheese with an abundant composition, so that it can satisfy the desire to eat.

In addition, when fried, the outside is so tasty. However, when eaten, the sensation turns soft from the melted cheese that is tucked inside. It’s so delicious, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be satisfied with just one cheese stick roll.

These delicious snacks can be ordered easily from Dapur Dyong via ManisdanSedap.com. The platform is part of KLY (KapanLagi Youniverse) as a Digital Media Network which also houses Liputan6.com, Merdeka.com, KapanLagi.com, Dream.co.id, Brilio.id, Fimela.com, Bola.com, Bola.net , and Otosia.com.

Not only makes it easier for culinary connoisseurs to find and order pre-orders from all over the archipelago, ManisdanSedap.com is also a storefront displaying the sales of MSME owners. Equipped with a direct button to the seller’s number, buyers and sellers are free to interact and transact separately from this platform.

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