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To make it easier to have children, how often should couples make love?


Having a baby is one of the hopes for almost all married couples. It’s just that not all couples can immediately have children the easy way.

One of the important things to know if you want to have children is about how often you should make love. Having sex regularly, especially during your fertile period, is the key to getting pregnant quickly.

Reporting from The Health Site, a study says that on average, couples make love 78 times before getting a positive result. This amount is estimated to be taken for 158 days or 6 months.

The study found that some couples trying to get pregnant would have sex 13 times a month. Even so, making love too often is actually not as fun as imagined.

In the study, many couples admitted that making love was just their household chore. This then makes the happiness during sex so decreased.

Best Time to Make Love

The fertile period is the best time to make love if you want to get pregnant. This fertile period is calculated from the day before to the day of ovulation. At this time, a person’s chances of getting pregnant will increase when making love.

The ovaries will release a mature egg during ovulation. When you make love at this time, it is easier for the sperm to meet the egg, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Male sperm is said to last up to five days in the female reproductive tract. This is why it is better to have sex before ovulation and not after.

To find out when you are fertile and ovulation, use the menstrual calendar system. You can also do this using an application that calculates menstruation and fertile periods.

Contrary to popular belief, having sex more than once a day can lower healthy sperm counts. If you want to have children, you should make love three to four times a week in the fertile period. This can increase the chances of pregnancy quite drastically.

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