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6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean to Avoid Dust Allergies


The condition of staying in the house for a long time can lead to various changes in our bodies. This can sometimes even lead to allergies.

In particular, long time at home can make you experience a sudden dust allergy. This of course can greatly interfere with your daily activities.

This little dust exposure that occurs can have various effects on us. Effects in the form of coughing, sneezing, and even the appearance of shortness of breath are signs of this dust allergy.

There are various things that can cause this sudden appearance of a dust allergy. Hygiene conditions that occur at home are also very likely to be the cause of this allergy. Reporting from Boldsky, here are practical ways to prevent the appearance of dust in the house.

Things to Clean

Clean the air conditioner

Clean your air conditioner or fan crevices regularly. These two things are the most common dust spreaders in the house, so they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent a person from developing dust allergies.

Clean the Carpet

Carpet is a magnet for dust. Dust always collects on surfaces and under carpets. To avoid spreading dust allergies through the carpet, clean the carpet every day.

Room and Surrounding Conditions That Must Be Maintained

Make sure the bedroom is not damp

Make sure your bedroom is not in the basement or in a damp place. A room that is not humid and has good ventilation allows sunlight to enter. Sunlight can kill germs and bacteria. So, make sure your room has good air ventilation.

Avoid Furry Toys

Dust mites and particles like to stick to this type of furry toy. You can clean these types of toys every day if you have them or choose to completely remove them.

Change Curtains and Sheets

Diligently Washing Curtains

If you are prone to dust allergies, you should be diligent in washing the curtains. Make sure you wash the curtains with warm water once a week to keep the environment fresh.

Change Sheets and Pillowcases

People who are allergic to dust should always clean the mattress regularly. Change bed linen at least once every week. Make it a habit to dry mattresses and pillows in the sun to kill bacteria and remove dust particles.

This allergic condition can cause a very disturbing taste and hinder your activities. Be sure to follow these steps to avoid dust allergies.

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