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So Grumpy When You’re Hungry? This is the Scientific Reason


The emotions of a person’s soul that are vented in the form of anger are often synonymous with several kinds of things. One of the things that is often referred to as the root cause of a person’s anger is due to the condition of the stomach experienced.

When someone is angry, it is often associated with an empty stomach. But is it true that when one’s stomach is empty, one gets angry more easily?

“Organisms, when hungry, can ignore hunger signals but they can’t survive much longer,” said Paul Currie, professor of psychology at Reed College.

When a person skips a meal, it can trigger emotional turmoil, and hunger is a signal that is often shown along with stress or anxiety.

Stomach Sounds Can Also Trigger Anger

Especially if you hear the sound of a hungry stomach, a certain thing will happen in one’s mind. This in turn increases emotions, feelings of anxiety, and stress.

“We may think that we eat because it is fun. But when we are really hungry and see other people eating, it must feel a little angry right? The hungrier, the higher our emotions,” added Currie.

In addition, the brain and stomach have a close relationship. For example, appetite control hormones are produced in the stomach but receptors are located throughout the body, including the brain. So when there is stimulation of feelings of hunger, hormones also produce an anxious response in a person.

“But don’t worry, it’s normal to get angry when you’re hungry. So don’t skip meals so you don’t starve,” advises Currie.

Other studies have also mentioned that the hormone serotonin has an important role in controlling emotions and hunger. So don’t be surprised if someone gets angry easily when hungry.

So the next time you feel hungry, quickly fill your stomach so that you are not easily provoked and consumed by emotions.

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