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Only by Breathing, These 4 Ways Can Help Burn Fat in Your Stomach


Losing weight is a process that many people do. Several ways can be done to lose weight, starting with exercising or limiting food consumption.

Burning fat by exercising is also something you can do to lose weight. One of the body parts with fat deposits that are usually clearly visible is the abdomen.

Unfortunately, although it seems obvious, burning belly fat is a difficult thing to do. In fact, the presence of fat in the stomach can have an impact not only on appearance but also bad for health.

Therefore, it is important to burn fat in this belly area. For those of you who are reluctant to exercise a lot, it turns out that there are a number of easier ways for you to do it.

It’s enough just to breathe, it turns out that the fat in the stomach can be lost. Proper breathing techniques can improve digestion and metabolism in the body.

Increasing the intake of oxygen into the body can help excess fat stored in the body. Breathing deeply can also increase blood circulation and tighten the abdominal muscles.

Of course, this breathing technique that can have a tremendous impact is not arbitrary. Reporting from the Times of India, here are a number of breathing techniques that can help burn belly fat.

1. Diaphragm Breathing Technique

One of the most effective breathing techniques for burning fat and making the abdominal muscles flexible is the diaphragmatic breathing technique. This breathing technique increases lung capacity and also trains the stomach.

To do this, you can lie on the floor and watch your chest and stomach rise and fall when you breathe. Try to breathe deeper and longer as you do this. Do this method anytime as long as it’s not after eating.

2. Skull-Shining Breathing Technique

This breathing technique can strengthen the muscles in the abdomen. In addition, this breathing technique can also overcome breathing problems that arise.

To do this, you need to sit in a comfortable position and then take deep breaths and hold your stomach muscles even as you exhale. Do this 10 times and then breathe normally for 5 seconds and repeat the process 3 times.

3. Abdominal Breathing Technique

Breathing through the abdomen keeps the focus on the diaphragm and the muscles at the bottom of the lungs. This method increases stamina and energy as well as overcomes anxiety problems. Practice this breathing technique all the time to reap its benefits.

You can do it both sitting and standing. Try to calm your mind, place your hands on your stomach and your thumbs close to your navel. When breathing, make sure it’s not the chest that expands but the stomach.

4. Mouth Breathing Technique

When you breathe in through your mouth, pressure will build up on your abdominal muscles. This method can burn belly fat while refreshing your feelings. In addition, the fat that is lost is also not only in the abdomen but also the cheeks and chin.

To do this, open your mouth and breathe through your mouth. Inhale for a count of 10 and exhale for a count of 20. Do this technique for 10 minutes at least 3 times a day.

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