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11 Ways You Can Sleep Well Even When It’s Hot


Good sleep is something we need every day. This can greatly affect the quality of life and our health.

Unfortunately, this deep sleep can be very easily disturbed when the air is hot. Living in a tropical country makes us have to get used to the hot air during the day and night.

This heat will also be torturous when you are someone who often has trouble sleeping. This can make it more difficult for you to close your eyes at night.

“Temperature is very important in your ability to sleep, unfortunately it’s often poorly understood,” explains Matthew Ebben, PhD, assistant professor at the NYP/Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine.

“Part of your biological rhythm includes cooling your body while you sleep at night.”

This hot air can really interfere with the body’s efforts to fall asleep faster. In fact, a comfortable temperature for us to sleep is 25 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, when our rooms are exposed to heat during the day, at night the air in the rooms will remain hot. This certainly interferes with our efforts to sleep soundly.

There are a number of things you can do to stay asleep even though the air is still hot. Reporting from Refinery29, here are a number of ways so you can still sleep well in the heat.

Don’t Sleep Without Clothes

Sleeping naked seems like a reasonable thing to do when it’s hot. Unfortunately this can actually make the air feel hotter and you have trouble sleeping well.

“Many people suggest sleeping naked,” explains Sophie Bostock, PhD, a sleep expert at The Sleep Scientist.

“But this won’t help because sweat can fill your body and isn’t wiped off using a moisture-absorbing layer like clothing so it doesn’t help cool the body.”

You are advised to use clothes made of cotton or other materials that can absorb moisture.

Cool down

Shower Before Sleeping

The hot air that appears often makes you want to take a shower constantly. This apparently can also have a positive impact when you want to sleep well at night.

You don’t need to take a cold shower to cool off before going to bed. You can also take a bath and soak in warm water to get these benefits.

“If you warm your body before bed and then sleep in a room with a normal temperature, the data shows that you can increase slow-wave sleep,” explained dr. Ebben.

Choose the Room with the Coldest Temperature

If you can, move to a cooler room so you can fall asleep quickly. If there is no other room, you can cover the room and prevent direct sunlight on your room and make it as dark as possible.

Do Light Exercise

Exercising lightly before bed can help you sleep soundly. Many think that exercising before bed can wake your body up so you have trouble sleeping, but the opposite is true.

“Exercise before bed can warm the body which helps induce slow-wave sleep,” explained dr. Ebben.

Just make sure not to exercise too hard and make the body hot and uncomfortable. The right exercise for you to do is walk slowly or do yoga slowly for 30 minutes.

Do Breathing Exercises

When the heat you feel is unbearable and makes it difficult to sleep, you can do breathing exercises. Calming your mind and doing slow breathing exercises can help dissipate the heat and help you fall asleep more easily.

Prepare Support Tools

Use a Fan

Using a fan is an easy and cheaper alternative to air conditioning. The white noise from the fan is called dr. Ebben can help disguise other sounds and help you fall asleep quickly.

Even so, you are advised not to point the fan directly at your body but in the opposite direction to dissipate hot air. This can help you sleep better and faster.

Use Ice Packs

Using cold compresses or ice packs wrapped in a towel at several points on your body can help cool your body. Compress the joints, elbows, behind the knees, and neck to cool the body so you can sleep well.

Another way you can do is to place ice packs under the pillow. Just make sure that water doesn’t seep out and cause problems.

Arrange Mattress

Use the Right Sheets

Using sheets of the right material can be very helpful for a good night’s sleep. Sheets made of cotton can help to be cooler than other materials. Therefore, this material is very appropriate to use when the air is hot.

Don’t Use Pillows with Memory Foam

Using a pillow with memory foam turns out to be inappropriate when the air is hot. This type of pillow can absorb and trap heat, making it difficult for you to sleep well.

Drink Water and Sleep Alone

Drink Enough Water

Drinking lots of water before bed can help you avoid the problem of excessive sweating. Also make sure to avoid alcohol four hours before bedtime as it can dehydrate you in the middle of the night and make it difficult to sleep well.

Sleep alone

The more people you sleep together, the more heat builds up on the mattress. As much as possible sleep alone on the mattress to ensure the air cools down and you can sleep well.

Hot air is indeed an annoying thing that makes it difficult for us to fall asleep. In order to sleep soundly and quickly, it is important to apply a number of the things mentioned above.

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