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Know the Different Benefits of Milk at Each Stage of Life


For children, one of the drinks that parents often give is milk. This drink contains the nutrients needed to support healthy growth patterns for children and to fulfill nutrition for all ages.

Milk contains several important nutrients for body growth, such as protein, calcium, and zinc. Therefore, the General Chair of PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Hardinsyah, MS. emphasized the importance of the benefits of milk in supporting the fulfillment of nutrition at every stage of life.

“Every individual needs a different nutritional intake at every stage of life. The body needs 20 types of amino acids – nine of which are essential amino acids and the rest are non-essential amino acids,” he said some time ago, as reported by Antara.

Prof. Hardinsyah said that animal protein including milk has more complete essential amino acids, and is equipped with vitamins and minerals that the body also needs.

In the first 1,000 days of life (HPK), milk in the form of breast milk is a natural food that plays a crucial role in brain growth. In childhood and adolescence, milk supports bone and muscle growth. While in the adult and elderly stages, milk plays an important role in maintaining the body’s hormone and immune systems, as well as preventing osteoporosis.

Consumption of Milk Accompanied by a Healthy Lifestyle

Not only as intake, health at every stage of human life will also be more optimal through the application of an active and healthy lifestyle, said Prof. Hardinsyah.

In fact, the goodness of milk is not only important for supporting growth and health at every stage of life. From various aspects and moments of life, milk has long been known as part of various traditional and modern drinks and foods – both those that use milk as the main ingredient, or use it as a culinary complement, such as for the contemporary mix of coffee and milk tea, boba, pudding. , various cakes, martabak, and others.

Milk also often accompanies important moments, starting from breakfast, snacking time, accompanying sports and various activities, as well as spending moments with family and relatives.

Meanwhile, a Lifestyle observer, Dwi Sutarjantono, revealed how certain patterns became part of the habits of Indonesian society in the past, especially the history of drinking milk in society. Regarding milk, this intake has long been believed and proven to have a good role in supporting health.

It doesn’t stop there, over time, milk also continues to transform into food that is not only rich in benefits, but also rich in taste, and comes in various forms.

This makes milk unconsciously, has become part of people’s daily lives.

“The increasing awareness of the urgency of a healthy lifestyle and exercise, also strengthens the role of milk as part of implementing a healthy lifestyle today”.

Dwi also said that the presence of social media and a variety of contemporary culinary delights, both food and beverages that use milk as an intake, made the role of milk in today’s life increasingly inevitable.

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