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4 Things That Can Help Relieve Pain in the Neck


In a person’s body, the neck plays an important function because it supports the head which weighs about 5 percent of a person’s total body weight. A person’s head is controlled and supported by the presence of many smaller muscles in the neck.

During this time the neck muscles are often overlooked by someone unless they are having problems. Problems that occur in the neck are very common, even though not many people treat and treat their neck muscles properly.

The neck is connected to the spine and has an important role and there are many important blood vessels and nerves in it. The neck is responsible for moving and stabilizing the head and is the pathway that connects the body to the brain.

Daily habits of using smartphones, laptops, even when reading books can cause problems and weaken neck muscles. This unresolved neck pain problem can lead to problems such as headaches, chin pain, and even pain in the shoulders and back.

To prevent further back problems, you can do various things that strengthen your neck muscles. Reporting from Men’s Health, here are a number of things that can relieve pain in the neck.

Strengthen the Neck

Try bending your chin close to your neck to strengthen your neck muscles. Do this by starting to lie down and bring your chin to your neck. This can lead to a feeling of tension in the skull and activation of the muscles in the front of the neck.

Do this exercise for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat for 8 to 10 times each day. Another movement you can do is lift your head as high as possible in the same body position for 10 seconds each try.


There are a number of muscles in the neck that are prone to health problems. You can stretch while standing or sitting to avoid this problem.

You can stretch by tilting your neck and bringing your ears to your shoulders. Next, put pressure on the neck using your hands. Do this stretch for 30 seconds and then rotate it the other way around.


If you feel there is a lump or pain in one part of the neck, immediately do a massage. Give a massage directly on the part that has this problem for 10 seconds and then release it so that the blood pressure becomes smooth in that part.

Do the Right Posture

When sitting or standing, avoid postures or positions that make your head bow or bend down. Try to position your neck as high as possible to train and maintain the health of the neck muscles.

There are a number of ways you can do to overcome neck problems. This method can also help to train the neck muscles to avoid problems that may arise in the future.

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