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Can Children and Adults Use the Same Cough & Flu Medicine?


In cough and cold medicines that we usually find in stores, there is usually a difference between those for children and adults. Is it actually possible for adults and children to take the same cough and cold medicine?

Adults and children can use certain cough medicines with the same type but with different doses, because the needs for drug content for adults are different from children, and can cause side effects if the dosage is not appropriate.

“The dose of medicine for children is different because it is determined by the child’s weight, so if it is not appropriate, it can cause overdose and underdose. In adults, it is safer according to the universal weight,” said dr. Wenata Utama Solaiman, a general practitioner at Randegansari Husada Hospital, Gresik, East Java, some time ago, reported by Antara.

Although their needs are different, currently people with coughs, colds and influenza do not need to provide two different medicines for children or adults, because there are cough medicines that have been specially formulated for adults and children.

PIM-TRA-KOL cough syrup produced by the pharmaceutical industry by PT PIM Pharmaceuticals is formulated to relieve coughs, colds and influenza.

“This product is known as a cough, cold and influenza medicine that can be used for adults and children,” said Bambang Rijanto as Quality Manager of PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals.

Bambang Rijanto explained, PIM-TRA-KOL is formulated to contain the active substances paracetamol, guaifenesin, ephedrine HCL, and chlorphenamine maleate so that it can relieve flu symptoms such as fever, headache, nasal congestion and sneezing accompanied by coughing.

“In addition, PT. PIM Pharmaceuticals also presents the PIM-TRA-KOL kids series for children, the difference is that the PIM-TRA-KOL kids series helps relieve coughs and fever. The right dose will speed up healing,” said Bambang.

However, when coughing, you need to avoid the types of foods that contain substances that are irritating to the throat mucosa and cough reflex glands.

“Examples are micin and harsh dyes,” said dr. Wenata.

“The cause of cough itself is the reflex of the throat muscles to remove foreign objects from the mouth. Actually, this cough itself is a blessing because almost all foreign substances and components that enter the body are expelled with a cough reflex,” he said.

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