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Is it true that drinking hot water is beneficial for weight loss?


Water consumption is an important thing to do every day. Not only to quench thirst, drinking water is also important for better body function and preventing disease.

About 70 percent of our body consists of water. Therefore, to make the body function perfectly, it is necessary to consume the right amount of water.

Water is a healthy drink that is important to be consumed by the body. Even so, it has always been said that hot water has better benefits than cold water, especially in losing weight, is this true?

Cold water is known to be beneficial in lowering body temperature after exercise. While hot water is useful for removing toxins from the body and helps digest food.

Reporting from the Times of India, a study says that consuming more water can help burn fat. This happens because water can make us feel fuller, help the body absorb more nutrients, and remove toxins from the body.

Another study in 2003 stated that consuming hot water can improve the process of losing weight. Furthermore, this study revealed that consuming 500 ml of water before eating can increase metabolism by up to 30 percent.

3 Causes of Hot Water Consumption Can Lose Weight

Consumption of hot or warm water every day can help the process of losing weight in three ways.

– Increase Metabolism

Consumption of hot water can affect body temperature. To adjust to the warm water temperature, our body lowers the body temperature and activates the metabolism.

– Crush Fat

When trying to get rid of fat intake in the body, hot water can be useful. Hot water can digest fat in the body so that the body’s digestive system can work more easily.

– Suppresses Appetite

Hot water can help suppress appetite. Drinking hot water 30 minutes before eating can help limit your calorie intake.

A number of these confirm the benefits of consuming hot water for weight loss. Therefore, you should consume hot water especially in the morning.

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