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Satisfied with your vacation in Malang, it’s time to pre-order souvenirs that don’t make your diet fail


The cool air is indeed one of the reasons that make you miss a vacation to Malang . Not to mention the various legendary culinary delights that are presented, it’s a shame if you don’t have time to taste it. After being satisfied with his vacation in Malang, he unconsciously started to gain weight. Even though I still want to buy souvenirs that can be enjoyed when I get home later.

No need to worry first, in Malang there is also a choice of souvenirs that will not make you fail on a diet. Want to know what the options are?

Chocolate Granola

For those who want to improve their diet after a diet to restore weight, granola is widely chosen as a snack that can support a healthy lifestyle. If you want to bring home souvenirs that won’t make your diet fail, Chocolate Granola from Granola Manja can be your choice.

Products from Granola Manja are always made fresh from the oven to maintain their quality. Very suitable for those who are on a diet and are good for consumption by pregnant women, nursing mothers, or those who live a vegan lifestyle.

Parfait’s Chia Puddings

Want a snack that is fresh and sweet, but doesn’t make the scales crawl up? You can find safe snacks for your healthy lifestyle at pickhealthy . This seller presents a variety of special desserts that are perfect for special gifts without fear of gaining weight.
One of their mainstay menu is Parfait’s Chia Pudding which comes in various variants. There are Very Berry, Green Kiwi, Mango Tango, Green Apple, Mulberry, Red Plum, and Pear de Guava. The sensation is fresh with a sweet taste that doesn’t interfere with your healthy diet.

Oat Bites Supreme

Want to snack on cookies but worried about the high calorie content? It’s such a dilemma. But, now you can bring home cookies that won’t make your diet fail in Malang. Just pre-order Oat Bites Supreme from Royal Bakers , come on!

These cookies are no less delicious because they are rich in taste, namely sweet and savory that blends perfectly. Made from selected ingredients that are gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free and no preservatives, guaranteed to be guilty free. Get ready to be addicted!

Gluten Free Eclair

Do you often drool when you see eclairs with various interesting toppings? It feels really like snacking, but the high calorie content makes you have to think twice. While you’re in Malang, bring home the Gluten Free Eclair served by kenoabakery , come on!

This seller is known for his gluten-free bread cake cookies which are 100% halal. Enjoy the sensation of soft choux skin combined with soft cream like ice cream. Enjoy it when it’s cold so that it feels the maximum.

How about you, have you started to drool to taste various souvenirs from Malang that don’t make your diet fail? Shopping for souvenirs now doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore, you can just pre-order at ManisdanSedap.com! This platform is here to help foodies in pre-ordering their favorite food. Not only in Malang, but also from various other cities in Indonesia.

ManisdanSedap.com is part of KLY (KapanLagi Youniverse) as the Digital Media Network that houses Liputan6.com, Merdeka.com, KapanLagi.com, Dream.co.id, Brilio.id, Fimela.com, Bola.com, Bola.net , and Otosia.com. This platform also helps local MSME sellers because it acts as an online ‘storefront’ for the products being sold.

Ordering is also very easy because it is equipped with an order button feature that can be directly clicked. Later you will be connected directly to the seller’s WhatsApp number so that orders can be made outside the platform. More practical and hassle-free right!

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