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Getting to Know Medical Acupuncture, Therapeutic Methods That Are Now Much Interested


Along with the development of medical science and the amount of scientific research, there are now various therapeutic methods that can be chosen. One of them is Medical Acupuncture. According to dr. Freddy Julianto, Sp.Ak, MM , Acupuncture Specialist at EMC Pulomas Hospital, Medical Acupuncture is a branch of medical science that stimulates acupuncture points throughout the body using medical science such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, and so on. The goals of Medical Acupuncture include the maintenance of health, prevention, treatment, and recovery of disease.

Historically, acupuncture has been practiced in China since more than 5000 years ago in the form of classical/traditional acupuncture, which is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the 1970s Medical Acupuncture began to be developed and was quite popular in America and Europe. In 1991 the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved acupuncture to be applied as a method of treatment in the health systems of each member country.

In contrast to classical/traditional acupuncture which is based on ancient Chinese philosophy such as yin yang theory, wuxing theory (5 elements), zang fu organs, and so on, medical acupuncture is based on Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) or medical science based on evidence from research. To understand better, get to know Medical Acupuncture further below.

Understanding the Meaning of Acupuncture Points

Before discussing further, let’s first identify the meaning of the acupuncture points themselves. According to dr. Freddy, acupuncture points are points on the surface of the body that are sensitive to stimulation, have lower electrical resistance, and higher nerve tissue density.

The body parts that are usually acupunctured are the scalp, earlobe, face, trunk area, upper and lower limbs. The selection of acupuncture points by a competent doctor is carried out as needed, based on the desired effect by considering various risk factors.

Various Medical Acupuncture Modalities

dr. Freddy also explained that in Medical Acupuncture there are types or types of acupuncture techniques commonly referred to as modalities. Several modalities are known in Medical Acupuncture, including:

  1. Manual acupuncture (stimulation of acupuncture points using special acupuncture needles)
  2. Electroacupuncture (the needle that was inserted was fed with low-voltage electricity from the electrostimulator)
  3. Thermoacupuncture (stimulation using heating with a heating lamp or moxa that is directed at the acupuncture point in question)
  4. Aquapuncture (stimulation of acupuncture points using a liquid that is injected into the intended point)
  5. Thread implants (acupuncture point stimulation inserts threads, which the body can absorb itself, into the acupuncture points)
  6. Laserpuncture (stimulation of acupuncture points using laser light, without discomfort)
  7. Sonopuncture (stimulation of acupuncture points using ultrasound waves)

Benefits of Medical Acupuncture in the Body

When applied in the body, dr. Freddy explained that acupuncture will have a certain effect on acupuncture points and other body parts that are interconnected through the spinal cord to the brain. This is to achieve homeostasis, namely the balance of the body’s metabolic system.

The advantages obtained from Medical Acupuncture are that the procedure itself is simple, patients are free from drug side effects because acupuncture does not use drugs, and the desired therapeutic effect can last a long time (long term).

Acupuncture can also be accompanied by treatment from other specialists. As a support for therapy, when acupuncture is used together with drugs, it can relieve the side effects of drugs that may arise, and support the work of drugs more effectively and efficiently, and can reduce the rate of recurrence of the disease suffered by the patient.

Safe Medical Acupuncture Measures Applied

Further, dr. Freddy emphasized that this medical acupuncture procedure is safe to do. Of course, it must be done by an experienced medical acupuncturist. In addition, the acupuncture needles used are very thin (only a quarter of the diameter of a sewing needle, much thinner than a syringe), must be sterile and disposable, and have minimal side effects. Acupuncture is also safe for infants to the elderly, men and women, and even women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and have gone through menopause.

Various Health Disorders That Can Be Acupuncture

In addition to playing a role in slimming programs and beauty efforts (aesthetics), dr. Freddy explained that the benefits of acupuncture are very broad. Acupuncture can relieve a variety of pains, including menstrual pain, facial pain, migraines, and others to pain from a herpes infection. Can overcome one-sided facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy) or paralysis due to stroke.

Medical acupuncture can also relieve gastrointestinal dysfunction, reproductive and sexual organ dysfunction for women and men, as well as pregnancy programs, support insemination programs, IVF, and so on. This action can also overcome allergic conditions such as: asthma, eczema, colds due to allergies and hives, reduce dependence on alcohol, psychotropic drugs, cigarettes, and so on.

In addition, Medical Acupuncture can also play a role in metabolic disorders of the body such as: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high uric acid. Simply put, acupuncture has benefits for almost all cases other than those that cannot be acupunctured, namely emergency cases and cases requiring surgery.

Common Side Effects After Medical Acupuncture

However, every therapy has risks and side effects, as well as acupuncture therapy. According to dr. Freddy, the lightest, which is blue skin at the puncture site because there are small blood vessels under the skin that have burst. Not all puncture marks will turn blue, for example, if 10 acupuncture points are pierced, only 1 to 2 points will bleed or not at all.

Also, there may be some discomfort when the needle pierces the skin which may soon subside. While serious side effects, such as punctured internal organs, may occur if acupuncture is performed by incompetent people, however, the risk becomes very small when performed by a medical acupuncture specialist.

As for achieving optimal results, acupuncture is generally done 2-3 times per week, depending on each case. So, to be more calm and guaranteed safety, do this Medical Acupuncture therapy with experienced medical acupuncture specialists, such as dr. Freddy Julianto, Sp.Ak, MM , Acupuncture Specialist at EMC Pulomas Hospital.

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