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Benefits of Probiotic Content in Food to Improve Immune Response


There are various foods that are said to have extraordinary benefits for our bodies. One of them is the content of probiotics that are commonly found in food.

Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) of the Republic of Indonesia, Penny K. Lukito, said probiotics can increase the body’s immune response. This probiotic content is commonly found in a number of food products and supplements consumed by the public.

Probiotics are live bacteria or microorganisms, which if in sufficient quantities can have a good impact on the human body, especially in the digestive tract. Some examples of foods that contain probiotics include yogurt, cheese, and buttermilk.

“Probiotics are scientifically very beneficial for human health. Probiotics keep our body healthy from microorganisms and restore the body’s microorganisms to a healthy condition,” said Penny in the Probiotic Science Seminar: Research and Potential Development of Probiotic Products for Health and Review of Regulations in Several Countries at the Office BPOM RI some time ago.

“Overall it enhances our body’s immune response. Probiotics are also easy to use as food products that have the potential to provide health assurance of product safety and most importantly that must be considered in this note, we need regulatory technical guidelines based on clinical studies and the effects of probiotic claims,” ​​he continued.

Regulation of the use of probiotics itself depends on priorities. Good regulation of probiotics is important for supplements, food products, and drugs.

“Of course, this depends on each country as well. In Europe, for example, the food and drug authority has approved that probiotic food products are beneficial for health,” explained Penny.

“In Indonesia itself, we from the POM Agency have a new regulation, namely BPOM Regulation Number 17 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for Assessment of Health Supplement Products Containing Probiotics, which includes safety, benefits and quality requirements that must be met,” he continued.

Benefits of Probiotics for Digestion

On the same occasion, Deputy for Supervision of Traditional Medicines, Health Supplements and Cosmetics of BPOM RI, Reri Indriani, explained the main points of BPOM Regulation Number 17 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for Assessment of Health Supplement Products Containing Probiotics.

“With this regulation, it means the availability of guidelines for the health assessment of supplement products containing probiotics as a reference, especially for industrial players. Probiotics themselves are microorganisms that provide benefits for the digestive balance of the gastrointestinal microbiota,” he explained.

“Health supplement products containing probiotics must also pay attention to a number of provisions, including the right amount of probiotics, the ability of probiotics to reproduce in the digestive tract (colon), environmental influences and local people’s living habits, antibiotic resistance genes, and scientific evidence. to support security and claims that are based on science.”

Supplement products that must be registered must meet safety and benefits as well as quality. Evaluation of supplement products containing probiotics was also carried out.

“Evaluation points are supported by scientific evidence, the minimum amount of probiotics that provide benefits, duration of use according to supporting data,” continued Reri in a presentation entitled, The Overview of Probiotic Regulations in Indonesia.

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