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6 Conditions That Cause Thinning Hair As You Get Old


Signs of aging a person can be very recognizable from the physical conditions that appear. This can be seen from the condition of the skin or hair that we have.

In hair, as we age, especially when we get older, there are a number of things that arise. One of them is in the form of gray hair.

However, one of the things that can happen before your hair turns gray is hair loss. This condition can be very annoying and make your hair look thinner.

“Most people experience hair loss during the aging process. This thinning of hair can also be accompanied by changes in hair texture and color,” explains Rohit Kakar, MD, director of Orchard Lake Dermatology & Cosmetics in Orchard Lake, Michigan, quoted from Livestrong.

As we age, the number of follicles in this growth phase decreases causing hair to become less dense. This condition also causes each sheet of hair to thin out so that it displays the condition of the hair becoming visibly thinning.

This change is actually quite normal and can be experienced by anyone. A number of factors can accelerate this hair thinning and worsen the condition of your hair.

A number of these factors can greatly affect the thinning hair problem that you experience. Reporting from Livestrong, here are a number of things that can accelerate the condition of thinning hair with age.

Genetics and Menopause

1. Genetics

This thinning of hair with age is actually normal. However, when you have family who also experience this problem, you can experience this condition earlier. In those with hereditary baldness, this problem of hair thinning and loss can start as early as the teens or mid-20s.

2. Menopause

Hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause can cause hair thinning. The decrease in the hormones estrogen and progesterone in women can increase and trigger hair thinning.

Stress and Consumption of Certain Drugs

3. Stress

Stress and anxiety, especially in the long term experienced by your body can cause a number of changes in the body, including hair. The increase in the stress hormone cortisol can have a negative impact on the skin and hair.

4. Consumption of Certain Drugs

Thinning hair is a common side effect of taking certain medications. This usually occurs when taking drugs for cancer, arthritis, depression , heart disease, gout, and high blood pressure.

Thyroid Problems and Malnutrition

5. Thyroid Problem

An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause hair to thin or fall out. This fortunately can be prevented by balancing the thyroid levels.

6. Lack of Nutrients

Hair is mostly made of protein and over time, lack of protein in the diet can have negative effects. This can be caused when a person eats less so that fewer nutrients enter.

A number of these things are the cause of the problem of thinning hair with age. Even so, you should realize that aging with age is something that definitely happens.

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