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Toothache Makes Activities Interrupted, Overcome with These 3 Items


The feeling of torment throughout the day is definitely felt by toothache sufferers. Although it seems trivial, in fact toothache makes sufferers suffer to reduce productivity.

Most toothaches are caused by tooth decay triggered by various factors. Meanwhile, the treatment can be done by visiting the dentist.

But before that, there are several medications to help relieve toothache. Anything?

Toothache Medicine Spray

Toothache spray is an important element in relieving annoying toothache. This is due to its use which is directly directed at the aching tooth.

Toothache medicine spray comes with a tube as well as a spray that directs the liquid to the aching tooth. In addition to relieving toothache, this drug is also effective for treating sore throats and annoying canker sores.

Cooling Spray

Even if only one small part of the tooth is affected, toothache can spread to other areas of the mouth, causing discomfort when eating and drinking. Cooling Spray is one of the effective drugs to relieve toothache.

Comes with a spray package, this medicine will give a cold sensation to the area of ​​​​the aching tooth. In addition, this drug is also effective in killing germs and bacteria in the area of ​​​​the teeth and mouth so as to reduce the potential for toothache in the future.


In addition to the spray, there are also pain and toothache relief tablets, namely Cataflam . This drug contains diclofenac potassium which is able to overcome pain including toothache. One important point before consuming Cataflam is that it needs a doctor’s supervision. This is because Cataflam is classified as a hard drug.

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