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6 Benefits You Can Get From Drinking Water When You Wake Up


The habit of drinking water is one thing that we must continue to maintain, especially for the health of the body. This is said to be able to greatly help the body’s fitness in various ways, including against aging.

Drinking water, especially in the morning, is the best way to slow down the aging that occurs in us. The reason is, this water can help every system in the body run smoothly.

Lack of water consumption can be the cause of the emergence of a number of health problems in the body. This problem can get worse as a person ages.

Dehydration is one of the problems that can have a very severe impact, especially in the elderly. To prevent this problem, one of the first steps you can take is to start the day with a glass of water.

Reporting from Livestrong, Christine E. Kistler, MD, associate professor in geriatrics at the UNC School of Medicine explains that seniors are more prone to dehydration. It is known that drinking water in the morning can slow down aging.

Of course this water requirement can be very different depending on the health conditions of each. Reporting from Livestrong, here are a number of benefits that can be obtained from drinking water in the morning after waking up.

Prevents Possible Night Defecation and Maintains Body Temperature

1. Reducing the Chances of Urinating at Night

Drinking water as early as possible can be a way to meet the body’s water needs while preventing the possibility of urinating at night while sleeping.

“At night, people tend to worry about getting up and going to the bathroom, so many drink less so they don’t have to urinate at night,” explained dr. Kistler.

Drinking a large glass of water in the morning can help with this. In addition, going to the bathroom at night is known to be one of the causes for many seniors to fall.

2. Helps Maintain Normal Body Temperature

The elderly tend to be more severely affected by environmental and weather problems such as during a heat wave. When the body becomes too severe, there can be a number of adverse effects on the heart and kidneys.

Drinking enough water in the morning can help keep the body in its normal temperature. Furthermore, this can prevent various organ problems that may arise.

Get rid of body toxins and maintain heart health

3. Remove Toxins from the Body

When you don’t drink enough water, toxins such as urea can build up in the body. When urea builds up, a number of body functions can decrease and electrolyte balance can become abnormal.

This causes a domino effect that causes electrolyte disturbances and leads to delirium. A similar impact can also cause urinary tract infections which can be avoided by consuming enough water in the morning.

4. Helps Maintain Heart Health

When the body lacks a number of things it needs, such as water, the body will find it difficult to work optimally. This also causes the body’s organs, including the heart, to work harder.

Research in 2021 proves how big the impact of water on heart health. It is said that drinking enough water can help prevent or slow the changes that can lead to heart failure.

Helping Memory and Maintaining Weight

5. Keeping Memories

“The more you burden your body, the harder it will work on the heart, kidneys, and liver and this also burdens the brain,” explained dr. Kistler.

When the body does not drink enough water and does not get rid of toxins in the body, this can lead to cognitive problems. Furthermore, drinking enough water especially in the morning is important to support our memory both short and long term.

6. Helps Maintain Weight

Water is a healthier choice of drinks than sugary drinks like juice and soda. This drink is calorie-free and nutritious to help maintain weight.

In addition to eliminating calories, this water can also prevent the bad effects of this sugary drink. In addition, drinking enough water can keep you full, thus helping to maintain weight.

A number of these impacts are the impact of drinking water in the morning. Make sure to drink water regularly in the morning to get its healthy benefits.

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