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What is the normal smell of male masculinity?


When walking in a shopping center, we can find soap for the female part. But on the other hand, we never find any hair on the male part that is sold freely.

This often raises the question for a number of men about whether their vital organs do not have a smell. In addition, the question also arises about whether special soap is needed in this section.

But in fact, whether the penis can indeed smell or have a distinctive aroma.

“Some parts of the body that are covered with skin are often unpleasant if they have an odor,” explains Mike Bohl, MD, MPH of the Roman Men’s Health Clinic, reported by Health.

“For example, when you smell your arm right now, you may not recognize the scent unless you’re using soap, cologne or perfume.”

The same thing also happens to the penis, especially those who have just bathed. However, under certain conditions, odors can still occur.

“There are a number of reasons the penis can smell after everyday conditions,” explains Dr. Bohl.

Reasons for a Penis to Smell

“Most of our bodies are covered with sweat glands called eccrine glands which store water and salt and are useful for cooling the body,” explained dr. Bohl.

“But there are other sweat glands called apocrine glands which are bigger and have additional content such as fat and protein and are very influential on body odor,” he continued.

Apocrine glands can be found specifically in a number of body parts such as the armpits and groin.

“For this reason, the penis may smell like an armpit compared to an arm when sweating throughout the day,” explains dr. Bohl.

Another reason the penis can experience a unique odor is because of its position throughout the day.

“The penis is trapped in the underwear which is then trapped in the pants and does not move much for a day,” explained dr. Bohl.

“There is less fresh air in the area so it is more difficult for sweat and dead skin cells to be lost so they continue to stick to the penis,” he continued.

This can be even worse when the underwear used is not clean. Residual urine and feces can stick to the underwear and make the smell worse.

However, when the penis smells like underarms or legs, this is not a dangerous problem. But when the penis has a bad odor that doesn’t go away, this could mean a health problem.

Smegma or Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If men experience odor and discharge from the penis, this could be due to a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

“Descriptions of how the smell (of the penis) actually varies, from mushrooms to ammonia,” explained dr. Bohl.

“But in general, discharge from the penis should be taken seriously to the doctor,” he continued.

The appearance of this odor can also be caused by smegma or dirt-like dirt which is a mixture of oil, dead skin cells, and moisture. This is more prone to be experienced by men who are not circumcised because this dirt is trapped in the front skin. To prevent this, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly when bathing.

When the penis is not cleaned thoroughly, or when there is residual smegma, men can develop a condition called balanitis which is inflammation of the head of the penis.

“Balanitis can be very uncomfortable and cause an odor in the penis,” continued Dr. Bohl.

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