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These 3 Sweet Snacks Are Perfect For Dessert After A Delicious Meal in Jakarta


Since the return of normal activities, the streets of Jakarta have recently been full of various vehicles. Back and forth office workers always fill the streets, especially at the time of leaving and finishing work.

While outside, some people also use it to hunt for delicious culinary delights in Jakarta. A dish that not only fills the stomach, but also spoils the taste buds.

After that, eating a sweet snack feels right to close the meal. If you are confused about what to choose, some sweet snacks made by Dapur Dyong are suitable for dessert. In addition to the sweet taste that fits, it’s also not too heavy, so it’s delicious to enjoy while spending the night with those closest to you.

In addition, Dapur Dyong is also famous for its delicious authentic dishes, because it is made from natural ingredients. These include the following customer favorite sweets.

Cheese Rolls

The first sweet snack made by Dapur Dyong that you can’t miss is the cheese roll cake. This one cake is made with quality raw materials and created with qualified skills.

As a result, roll sponge with premium cheese filling inside, can be enjoyed as a sweet snack for dessert after a delicious hang out meal in Jakarta.

The texture of the cake is so soft and dense. When eaten, the sweet taste of the cake blends perfectly with the savory taste of the cheese. When enjoyed with a cup of tea, the taste of this cheese roll sponge cake is even more special. Try!

Choco Banana Puff Pastry

Besides cakes, Dapur Dyong is also good at making delicious pastries. One of the most sought after by customers is the choco banana pastry. This dish presents the delicacy of pastries that are soft in the mouth.

Inside there are bananas that are so melted and delicious chocolate. These two components combine perfectly, to produce a sweet taste that is just right and doesn’t make you feel sick.

So delicious, eating this choco banana puff pastry is not enough. In fact, it’s so delicious, sometimes without realizing it, you have eaten some of this choco banana puff pastry.

Choco Brownies

Meanwhile, if you like something sweet and rich in chocolate, then the choco brownies made by Dapur Dyong can be your choice. This one cake is made from the best chocolate.

Almost all of the dough is dominated by chocolate, so when eaten, it really feels like eating chocolate. Moreover, it also provides a variety of toppings that customers can choose from.

There are almond toppings, choco chips, cheese, peanut butter to mix choco chips and almonds. With so many toppings, the delicacy of the choco brownies made by Dapur Dyong is even more complete.

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