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Hormonal Effects Make Osteoporosis More Vulnerable to Attacking Women


Bone loss or osteoporosis is a condition of bones that are weak, brittle, and at high risk for fracture. Typically, fractures due to osteoporosis are most common in the spine, wrist, base of the arm, and pelvis.

Bone specialist from Medistra Hospital, dr. Kiki Novito, Sp.OT stated that osteoporosis is more prone to attack women than men. This, said Kiki, is due to hormonal influences when a woman experiences menopause or the end of her menstrual cycle, which usually occurs when she is 45 to 55 years old.

“Osteoporosis in women can occur more quickly, due to hormonal changes during menopause,” Kiki said in a health webinar on Friday.

Kiki explained that in fact, human bones undergo remodeling or replacement of old bone into new bone. This lifelong process, said Kiki, is strongly influenced by sex hormones, namely estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

“In women, the bone remodeling process is strongly influenced by the hormone estrogen. Meanwhile, for men, the sex hormones last longer, it can be up to the age of 65 or 70. So in women, osteoporosis is more rapid (attacks),” explained Kiki.

However, Kiki also reminded that sex hormones are not the only thing that can influence a person to develop osteoporosis.

He said osteoporosis can also be affected by an unhealthy lifestyle such as being sedentary, having smoking habits, drinking alcohol, and consuming less calcium and vitamin D. In addition, he continued, there are also factors that cause osteoporosis that cannot be avoided, namely genetic influences.

Osteoporosis Therapy That Can Be Done

Kiki also explained that there are several osteoporosis therapies that can be done. Among them, weight training to trigger the work of cells that function to form bones so as to prevent bones from becoming weak.

“You have not or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you must do weight training. So you can’t just swim or play a stationary bike, but there must be an element of walking, there is an element of playing with weights,” said Kiki.

In addition, also take bisphosphonates or a group of drugs that can treat osteoporosis. These drugs, said Kiki, function to increase bone mass. However, he suggests, if you want to take bisphosphonates, then you should have regular check-ups with your doctor.

“Because if you use too many bisphosphonates, the bones can be more fragile, so they can break on their own,” explained Kiki.

“Then there is hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) which is quite good for osteoporosis, especially for women who have just experienced menopause, but of course you must also consult a doctor, to find out if there is a risk of cancer,” he said.

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