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5 Health Problems That May Arise From Using a Too Small Bra


Choosing the right bra size is something that must be done by a woman. Unfortunately sometimes when someone has found the right bra size, there is a possibility that the bra size he has changes.

Changes in the size of this bra that occurs causes a person to change it to a new size. But unfortunately this is sometimes overlooked by someone.

Using a bra size that is too small does not only cause discomfort. This can even cause a number of health problems for you.

Health problems that arise due to a bra size that is too small should not be ruled out. Reporting from Parfait Lingerie, here are five health problems that may arise if you use a bra that is too small.

Neck pain

When you use a bra that is too tight, you will increase the tension in your muscles. When you use a bra that is too small, your chest doesn’t have enough support, so your neck muscles also support the weight of your chest.

When you feel that your neck hurts all the time, it could be because of the wrong bra size. When you use the right size, then this pain will disappear by itself.


This discomfort will naturally arise when you use a bra size that is too narrow. This can even cause traces on the skin and affect daily activities.

Using a bra of the right size and comfortable is a comfortable thing because you wear it for a long time. This discomfort will certainly disappear when you use the right bra size.

Skin Problem

When you wear a bra that is too tight, it pushes and presses against your skin. In the long term, this can be dangerous, especially when a red line appears due to the bra you are wearing.

One thing you should know, ideally the bra you use does not leave marks on the skin. These red marks can appear when the bra strap is too narrow, but if it persists even when the bra strap is loosened, it means that the bra you are using is too small.

Softening Breasts

When your breasts are softer than usual, your bra may be too small. Often women are so used to one bra size that they don’t notice that the size has changed and continue to wear it even when it’s too small.

The condition of the breasts that become softer than usual is due to the continuous pressure that causes the tissue in it to experience problems. To solve this problem, change the bra to the right size to prevent further problems in the breasts.

Blisters on Breasts

The size is not right and too small can cause other problems in the breast. One of the things that may occur when using breasts that are too small is blisters.

At first, this problem may not be noticed by someone, but later on, this problem can have a long tail and get worse.

To avoid any of these problems, be sure to measure and change your bras regularly. Using a bra that is too small can cause a number of health problems.

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